Meet Tonic Team – Dane Woon

Meet Tonic Team – Dane Woon

Dane Woon


Osteopath, owner and founder of Tonic

Where are you from and what’s your background?

Before ‘settling down’ in Bryon, I was a bit of a nomad! I was born at Lismore base, went to school up and down the coast, returned to Lismore for uni, and spent most of my 20s horsing around Italy and France.

I definitely take after my parents in that regard. They were from Sydney’s northern beaches and ran away with the rest of the surfing hippies of the ‘70s!

These days, I have two kids and a European wife, all based here in beautiful Bryon.

Geez, that is all pretty cliche in Byron really ain’t it?

How did the Tonic clinic come about?

While studying osteopathy I worked in another clinic in town (since closed) as a massage therapist and was appalled at how unprofessional it was. No insurance, hiring therapists because of their looks not their qualifications and experience, cash-only and definitely no health fund rebates.

Anyway, I just thought the town needed something a bit more invested in doing the right thing.

We opened Tonic in 2013 (I remember it well as my daughter was born 3 months earlier) while I was still at uni. First, as a small massage clinic with only 2 rooms where my friends and I worked on our days off uni – we were all students of osteopathy back then.

Here is how first Tonic clinic looked like:


The clinic quickly became popular, we moved, acquired another location and here we are with 2 clinics, 6 treatment rooms, 14 staff, a yoga studio and consulting rooms for other health practitioners.

Add to that, we now have two kids both in local schools, so we’re definitely not going anywhere.

This is how Tonic clinic looks now – come and say “Hi”, meet the Tonic Team and let them do what they do best so that you can feel good in your body.



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