Meet Tonic Team – Laura Johnson

Meet Tonic Team – Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson

Remedial Massage Therapist, Tetris Aficionado and a long-time Tonic Team Member

A bit about Laura

Laura moved to Byron Bay from Sydney four years ago after a big trip overseas, where her interest for the body and mind surged. She began studying remedial massage therapy in Kingscliff to learn more anatomy and physiology which quickly turned into a passion for relieving people from their pain through touch.

As a yoga teacher and enthusiast, Laura likes to look at health and ailments as simple as possible, understanding that the complexities of the mind can really account for the twists and knots we carry in our bodies.

She likes to apply this practice to the rest of her life as best she can, spending lots of her free time writing, reading, cooking, stretching and pottering in the garden. But you will also find Laura unwinding on the dance floor, enjoying a glass of wine with friends, in the surf and among other ‘let’s not take life so seriously ‘ activities.

You can see Laura in Tonic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays