Meet Brendan Cole: Joining the Remedial Massage Team at Tonic in Byron Bay

Meet Brendan Cole: Joining the Remedial Massage Team at Tonic in Byron Bay

Here at Tonic, we are thrilled to welcome a new member to our wellness team, the talented and experienced massage therapist, Brendan Cole.
With a rich and diverse background that spans across continents and a genuine passion for the art of movement, Brendan brings a refreshing perspective to the realms of Remedial/Sports Massage Therapy and Pilates. In this candid Q&A session, we invite you to join us as we uncover Brendan’s unique journey, his holistic approach to therapy, and his impressive achievements both as an athlete and a therapist.

Q: Could you share a bit about your background, where you’re from, and your journey to Byron Bay?

Brendan: Certainly! Originally from North Queensland, I grew up in Melbourne surrounded by a love for movement, sports, and connecting with people. My path as both an athlete and a therapist led me across various continents, learning and training in remarkable environments. From North America to Europe and Australia, I honed my skills. Recently, I called Canada and the USA home, collaborating with the Olympic US bobsled and skeleton teams, along with athletics. However, a desire for change brought me to Byron Bay – swapping mountains for beaches and a bobsled for a surfboard!

Q: What fuels your passion for Remedial/Sports Massage Therapy and Pilates, and how does your elite athlete experience inform your approach?

Brendan: My journey as a therapist unveiled issues stemming from poor movement patterns and mechanics. Witnessing recurring problems in athletes emphasized that true well-being encompasses both effective therapy and movement practices. This realization led me to delve into pilates, strength and conditioning, and movement coaching alongside my hands-on work. The fusion of these elements ignites my passion for assisting individuals in moving better and embracing their bodies.

Q: Winning the Gold Medal in the Men’s 4 × 400 meters track relay team at the 2010 Commonwealth Games must have been a monumental achievement. Any other highlights you hold dear?

Brendan: Without a doubt, that gold medal moment remains a treasured memory. Representing Australia at the London Olympics as a 400m hurdler and being selected for the 4×400 relay was an extraordinary experience. Additionally, clinching the Nationals victory after a decade, this year, in the Masters category was incredibly fulfilling, especially in a more relaxed athletic setting.

Q: Beyond your professional life, what are some activities that bring you joy?

Brendan: Music holds a special place in my heart – I still enjoy DJing from time to time. The great outdoors captivate me, whether it’s hiking with wonderful company or losing myself in an engrossing book. Meditation, breathwork, and nurturing strong community connections provide the sustenance that fuels me.

Brendan’s diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to enhancing movement and well-being position him as a valuable asset to our team. Whether you’re seeking relief from tension, recovering from injuries, or aiming to elevate your physical performance, Brendan’s holistic therapeutic approach promises to leave you revitalized and motivated.

Ready to embark on your journey to wellness with Brendan? Book your appointment with him now and experience the transformative power of his expertise firsthand.