The Healing Power of Indoor Plants

The Healing Power of Indoor Plants

When you enter Tonic you may notice the number of plants we have around. Not only making the place look good but secretly being very beneficial for our mind and body.

Over time humans have gone from spending most of their time outdoors to our current lifestyle which has many people indoors as much as 22hrs a day. And with the indoor environment 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoors, it starts to affect our health in a big way.

As we and the people we are boxed up with breath, carbon dioxide levels increase and with little air exchange indoors we end up breathing the same carbon dioxide filled the air, again and again, causing drowsiness, irritability, headaches and poor concentration.

Add to that other indoor toxins like

  • formaldehyde – from furniture, flooring, grocery bags and (ironically) air freshner
  • benzene – from books and printed paper
  • trichloroethylene – from inks, solvents and paint

and it’s sure to put anyone to sleep.

Going outside often is ideal but when it’s not possible bringing plants inside is the next best thing.

Research shows plants remove up to 87% of toxins from the air every 24hrs.

How does it work? Plants purify the air by pulling contaminants into the soil, where root zone microorganisms convert the toxins into food for the plant and refresh the air by releasing oxygen through the foliage.

Pretty amazing that these leafy additions can do so much.

Shannon Raison

Remedial Massage Therapist, Tonic’s Dedicated Green-thumb and a long time Tonic Team Member