We’re open – How we are protecting you and the community

We’re open – How we are protecting you and the community

Tonic Massage and Osteopathy is currently remaining OPEN

You may ask why are we remaining open?

As health care providers we feel a sense of duty to our clients. Especially in this difficult time when people are less mobile, exercising less and on top of that with increased anxiety.

We have a role to play in taking the burden off the health system to free up space for seriously ill patients. We have been contacted by two separate GP clinics to ask us if we can take some of the traffic that is presenting with musculoskeletal problems ie: rolled ankles, sore backs, migraines etc.

On top of that, we have been encouraged to by the health department, our regulatory bodies and by the majority of clients.

We understand that the complexity of the evolving Coronavirus pandemic will be having an impact on us all. You and your family’s health and safety are of utmost importance to us and we absolutely understand if you need to cancel or reschedule appointments. We will not be charging a cancellation fee for late cancellations.

In response to the outbreak, we have reviewed our hygiene policy and procedures have put in place clinic protocols to help lower the risk of infection to ourselves and to our patients.

What are we doing?

  • We are screening patients prior to their appointments to check if they have recently travelled overseas and if they are experiencing any signs or symptoms of cold or flu. This also applies to online bookings
  • We will not be treating any patients who have travelled overseas within the last 14 days, and have been in contact with anyone who has been exposed to the Covid-19 virus
  • We have increased the time between patient bookings; allowing us to effectively sanitise areas that patients have come in contact with and to reduce the contact between patients in the reception area
  • To reduce the patient to patient contact further, we can arrange to call you by phone to take you into your appointment, while you wait outside the clinic
  • We can organise to collect payment over the phone and email out invoices to you instead of doing all that at the reception desk to limit time in a public area
  • Our practitioners are monitoring their temperature twice a day – at the start of the day and during their break
  • Our clinic doors remain open to allow contactless entrance
  • Upon arrival, each patient is directed to the handwashing station
  • We have replaced hand towels with disposable paper towels for hand drying
  • All clinic linen is routinely changed between each patient
  • We are thoroughly sanitising our treatment tables, work desks and chairs between each patient, including all surfaces and equipment that patients have come in contact with
  • On top of these cleaning procedures, we are regularly cleaning all frequently touched surfaces including reception chairs, door handles, reception desk, EFTPOS machine and any stationery that has been in contact with patients
  • We are frequently sterilising the bathroom keys. This will be routinely done after any patient or practitioner has used the bathroom
  • We are sterilising our water cups with boiling water after washing them. These will be available upon request and will not be left in the reception area
  • We have provided disposable cups for those that do not wish to use our cups
  • We have removed all children’s toys and magazines from the reception area and clinic rooms
  • Our practitioners have all completed a certificate in COVID-19 infection control training

Please call us to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you:

  • Are caring for vulnerable people
  • Need to self-isolate
  • Are feeling unwell
  • Have a fever or cough and are showing signs or symptoms of cold or flu
  • Have been in contact with anyone who has travelled overseas within the last 14 days
  • Have been in contact with anyone who may have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus

We trust that we can continue to practice if we work together and are mindful of the precautions that are essential to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus.