Jasmine Taylor


Jasmine has been working in clinics for over 15 years. She has travelled extensively and worked in fields as diverse as the equine, fashion and hospitality industries. From these experiences, she has developed a capacity to relate to people in all age groups, and all walks of life. Her clinical experience as a massage therapist/clinical assistant in a variety of well-regarded natural and allied health clinics in Sydney’s CBD and Eastern suburbs gave her exposure to diverse methods of treatment and assessment models.

She earned both her undergraduate degree in health science and Master’s in osteopathic medicine at Southern Cross University, Jasmine’s master’s research on Dry needling Education standards have been published in the JATMS journal.

Her treatment style is a mixture of direct techniques (soft tissue massage, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, dry needling and HVLA) and Indirect techniques (osteopathy in the cranial field, strain counter strain, balanced ligamentous tension and functional technique). In the application of her treatment, she considers the fine balance between traditional osteopathic philosophy tempered by current evidence-based research.

In her spare time, she likes to be with her family, swim in the ocean, read books and to ponder what meals to make next.