Our Osteopathy Team


Dane has been in the allied health industry for over 20 years working between Australia and overseas.

Dane opened Tonic in 2013 after working in a few other clinics in the area and realising that there was a need for an integrative health clinic in the centre of town that hosted a variety of healthcare professionals.

Dane has a Diploma in Health Science, Bachelor of Clinical Science and a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine. In 2015 he completed a masters research project on frozen shoulder through Southern Cross University.

Dane uses all this extensive experience and training along with current research and evidence in medicine, pain management, neuroscience and rehabilitation.
Working with physios, chiros, osteos and medical doctors here and overseas has given Dane the perspective that there should be better communication between professions throughout the healthcare sector leading to better outcomes for the community.

At Tonic, we aim to help with that communication.


Jasmine has been working in clinics for over 15 years. She has travelled extensively and worked in fields as diverse as the equine, fashion and hospitality industries. From these experiences, she has developed a capacity to relate to people in all age groups, and all walks of life. Her clinical experience as a massage therapist/clinical assistant in a variety of well-regarded natural and allied health clinics in Sydney’s CBD and Eastern suburbs gave her exposure to diverse methods of treatment and assessment models.

She earned both her undergraduate degree in health science and Master’s in osteopathic medicine at Southern Cross University, Jasmine’s master’s research on Dry needling Education standards have been published in the JATMS journal.

Her treatment style is a mixture of direct techniques (soft tissue massage, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, dry needling and HVLA) and Indirect techniques (osteopathy in the cranial field, strain counter strain, balanced ligamentous tension and functional technique). In the application of her treatment, she considers the fine balance between traditional osteopathic philosophy tempered by current evidence-based research.

In her spare time, she likes to be with her family, swim in the ocean, read books and to ponder what meals to make next.


Simon provides individualised holistic osteopathic treatment and cares to support patients to overcome pain and restore mobility and wellbeing. Simon has worked in the health industry for over a decade and has a background in sports and remedial massage. Simon has successfully worked with top sporting teams including the Queensland and New Zealand rugby league and New South Wales cricket teams.

Simon holds a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine and a Bachelor of Clinical Science from Southern Cross University. He has also completed post-graduate training in the osteopathic treatment and care of babies. Simon elected to study Osteopathy to meet his interest in the human body and its capability for self-healing. Simon uses a broad range of treatment approaches and techniques in response to patient needs and offers education and support to enable people to take control of their pain and restore and revitalise health.

Simon is passionate about the treatment of acute and persistent pain, sports injuries and supporting expectant mothers. Simon offers a holistic, integrative approach which is tailored to individual needs and supported by current evidence and research in musculoskeletal medicine, sports medicine, neuroscience, pain and brain-body interactions.

Our Remedial Massage Team


Joanne started her career as a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker over 20 yrs ago with a Diploma in Chinese Remedial Massage. She has worked for herself, in various Byron clinics, wellbeing centres and as an assistant to acupuncturists, learning cupping, moxa and warm needling first hand.

She is a 5th Dan in Aikido and brings this understanding of ki/energy and the healing arts of Aikido into her treatment sessions. In 2012 she studied Zen Thai Shiatsu and more recently the Mind therapies of PSYCH-K and Pach, which work with helping clear limiting subconscious beliefs and emotions.

Joanne is passionate about helping the body and mind move back into a state of harmony and has an intuitive style of bodywork, incorporating years of practice.

In her free time, she enjoys practising Aikido, playing with horses and moving and freeing the body through yoga, dance, walking, swimming and play.


Shannon uses more than 17 years of experience in Remedial Massage to help her clients move and feel better. Knowing that no single approach is the right one for every individual she has been trained in a range of modalities, from deep tissue to the lighter touch of lymphatic drainage, to benefit all bodies.

She first studied massage at the College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane with side courses in Aromatherapy and Nutrition. She then finished her Diploma in Kingscliff which focused a lot on sports/work related massage and muscle injuries.

In her free time, Shannon enjoys Yoga and exploring nature with her young family.


Sara Alberici is a qualified remedial massage therapist with a special interest in sports massage, deep tissue massage and injury rehabilitation. In addition to massage, she also uses cupping, dry needling, stretching, trigger point release and myofascial release to help clients heal and maintain the health of their bodies.

Sara works with clients to understand their needs, spending time listening and reviewing at each session. Having played a semi-professional sport, she has a passion for health and fitness that encompasses both the mind and body.

“I’m fascinated by muscles and the way the body works. I have a passion for massage therapy because it has an immense power to help people – it not only helps to heal their body, but also their mind. As a massager therapist, I’m privileged to be able to assist with this, to help take care of people and enable them to lead a healthy and happy life.”


As a massage therapist Marta’s intention is to assist your body to return to a sense of freedom and ease. This can only be achieved when your structural and energetic bodies are in Balance. She employs Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Remedial massage techniques, as well as Traditional Thai Massage in her work.

Each massage is specific to the clients needs and will allow you to release any unnecessary holding on of muscles…guaranteeing that you will feel refreshed and renewed after your session.

“Through mindful touch, I invite you to let go and embrace the preciousness of each moment, enabling you to find and rest in the stillness of your own center. Massage is perhaps the oldest form of medicine, and it’s ability to heal will surprise you. I look forward to working with you.”