Joanne Martin


Joanne started her career as a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker over 20 yrs ago with a Diploma in Chinese Remedial Massage. She has worked for herself, in various Byron clinics, wellbeing centres and as an assistant to acupuncturists, learning cupping, moxa and warm needling first hand.

She is a 5th Dan in Aikido and brings this understanding of ki/energy and the healing arts of Aikido into her treatment sessions. In 2012 she studied Zen Thai Shiatsu and more recently the Mind therapies of PSYCH-K and Pach, which work with helping clear limiting subconscious beliefs and emotions.

Joanne is passionate about helping the body and mind move back into a state of harmony and has an intuitive style of bodywork, incorporating years of practice.

In her free time, she enjoys practising Aikido, playing with horses and moving and freeing the body through yoga, dance, walking, swimming and play.